The effectivness of Team Work


Course Description

The program of the training is structured in four main learning phases. The first learning phase includes all the program elements that are not directly related to the content of the course: getting to know each other, creating a comfortable atmosphere for learning, intercultural learning, reflection sessions, excursion, etc.  The second learning phase concentrates on key principles for effective communication and the different models of communication. The third learning phase will be dedicated on group development, how roles emerge and developing better practices for making good group decisions. The forth learning phase will explore why difference and diversity are so important for group communication, the concept of identity and the participant individual involvement into teamwork.


Competences Acquired by Participants:

  • Understanding the crticial components of a high performing team
  • Developing skills for clear and effective communication
  • Undrestanding the group dynamics and the different roles in group
  • Increased awareness of one’s own behaviour in a team
  • Recognize the  learning and development opportunities provided by being part of a team
  • Recognize one’s own strong points and areas of development
  • Improved social skills
  • Improve English language skills

Included in the price:

  • Tuition fee and training material
  • Certificate of Competence
  • Administration costs
  • Coffee Breaks

We can issue specific invoices according to your need and for the training fee only (350€).

For group of 5 or more people we offer special discounts and we can also provide full board formula (with food and accommodation).

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