Digital skills for the web: a virtual place to fight hate speech 15-19 July in Dublin


Course Description

During the last 10 years the Internet and the Social Media world changed our way to approaching social engagement, volunteering
activities, access to education and information, and presented us with the opportunities for disseminating our initiatives.
This training course is designed to address the increasing requests of digital competencies from the adult education sector and to
equip the learners with knowledge, competencies and abilities to use digital spaces for improving online engagement in a non
discriminatory way.

This training course aims to:
● increase the knowledge about human rights and human rights education;
● increase the knowledge about the relationship between digital competencies and social inclusion;
● improve the skills for applying social media strategies within the social inclusion activities;
● acquire competencies for organizing and boosting inclusive activities using the digital competencies;
● show how to increase the online visibility of educational activities;
● explore how to campaign online for social inclusion, anti-discrimination and combating hate speech;

At the end of the training course you will be able to:
● share information about Campaign initiatives, for example No Hate Speech Movement;
● apply digital skills to social inclusion initiatives in your life/ organization/ institution;
● use the main social media channels for organizing and diffusing your educational activities for social inclusion;
● create your online campaigns for social inclusion, anti-discrimination and combating hate speech;