Who's Giosef?

Here a quick presentation of Giosef Italy, have a look at who we are


Giosef Association – Youth Without Borders promotes active European citizenship, international collaboration and youth mobility. It is committed in youth inclusion and participation in all forms and at all levels. It aims to create new spaces for youth participation in public life, because the young people themselves are able to provide answers to the needs of new generations. It supports the construction of a Europe of solidarity and hospitality, founded on the ideals of democracy, peace, tolerance and acceptance of diversity. It promotes paths of non-formal education and job training in an intercultural perspective.

We believe that the formation and education is a right to everyone, which help young to acquire skills for their own personal, professional, and language development and training.
It is through a non-formal education and internship that we prepare them against cultural, social and economics obstacles.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”
(Nelson Mandela – politician).

These goals are pursued through the implementation of young people intercultural exchange, seminars, training courses, internship, engaged citizenship events, sister cities, conferences, research and publications, solidarity initiatives, cooperation and development projects.

 “The only rule of travel is: don’t come back the way you went. Come back changed.”

(Anne Carson – poet, essayist, translator).

Thanks to this wide range of activities over the past years, Giovani Senza Frontiere Italy is rooted in national and European level; strengthen its systematic networking activity. Today, it is present in different regions, both in the north and south of Italy, and has partnerships in all European Union countries as well as others.

Giosef Italy realizes projects involving young people from all over Italy. Moreover, thanks to local offices, it manages to have a strong impact even in smaller cities. Our local connections operate independently or in close cooperation with each other and cooperates with public authorities such as municipalites and provincial agencies.

“Border? I have never seen one. But I have heard they exist in the minds of some people.”
(Thor Heyerdahl – anthropologist, explorer, director and author).

Why Academy ?

The Academy is where we put 20 years of experiences in high level training

Giosef Italy has 20 years of experience in education and international mobility. In our history, we mainly focused on youth from 18 to 35 years old.

For our 20th anniversary, we decided to launch a new project: Giosef Academy is a service thought for all target of individuals willing to increase their knowledge and competences to deal with the new challenges of the labor market and educational institutions (such as schools, vocational institutes and universities).

We have prepared intensive training course packages in beautiful locations to allow people working with youth to take a constructive break and come back home with new tools to enhance their productivity and impact on their students and colleagues.

All our trainings last 5 days and are ran by professional trainers from all over Europe. We provide all materials needed in a full-equipped space, you just need to bring yourself and your motivation to learn!

Upon request, we can provide also food and accommodation and help with planning your trip to the training location.

In case of groups of 7 or more people, we can also negotiate new locations, specific trainings and working language.

Team of trainers

Learn a bit more about our team of international trainers.